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An interactive motion book for the iPad, iPhone or desktop computer available on iBooks store!

Running Deer Publishing


A great book for young readers that explains the cycle of water in a unique story.

Features Include:

• Animated Pages and Music

• Interactivity

• Touch Translate Language Options

• Coloring Pages

• Links to videos & social media


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Each beautifully illustrated page begins with a scene and animates to it’s final look with simple and
effective animations.

Compelling music, cohesively composed for every page of the story, provides mood and helps drive the story forward. The music for each page plays automatically when you go to that page.

• Animated Pages and Music


At the bottom of every page, there is an interactive menu which allows the viewer to go to any page at any time or back to the table of contents page. Some pages have special interactive areas. When these areas flash red, that signifies for the viewer to tap that area to see what happens.

• Interactivity

TOUCH TRANSLATE - Spanish to English coming soon!

More languages in development!

In addition to english, Water will be available to read in other languages. The text in each of these books appears in their respective language, but when the words are touched, the text on that page will become English. Touch again and the words revert back to the respective language.


With 19 moving and interactive pages full of incredible and endearing artwork, theres also 4 digital coloring pages for your child to enjoy over and over. Just tap on a coloring page icon to open and start creating! Post what your child has done on the Running Deer Publishing Facebook page.

• Touch Translate
• Coloring Pages
• Links to videos & social media
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